So this is what a labour of love feels like?

"Own our own business" we said. "It will be fun" we said. "We'll be independently wealthy" we did not say! I've never been a parent; not because I don't love kids, but because I never felt that I had the patience or knowledge to raise a human being. And now I'm discovering that owning your own business is somewhat similar. In theory of course. Snuggling a new born infant with that adorable smile? Or more like the teenage years of parenthood where they go their own way, and nothing happens according to plan, but you love them to pieces anyway. We have days of chaos and days of smiles and laughs; but regardless, we know we did the right thing and are thrilled to be introducing The Travel Desk to everyone.

Alison and I decided to open our own Travel Agency for a variety of reasons; mainly we had a vision of how we wanted to run the company, and particularly how we wanted to treat our clients. And so far, so good! We have a quaint office (and by quaint I do mean small) in the back area of Mainstreet Market in Stony Plain, where we welcome all of our clients, new and 'old' to join us for a cup of coffee and tales of far off destinations.

The website is now live: and that has been a labour of love for me. Or labour of screaming and stomping my feet on occasion (while Alison screams and stomps her feet at accounting). But it's done! Sort of. And I encourage you to have a browse through; the focus is to be an information website on different destinations; and have photos to help you discover where you want to go, and help you decide how you want to experience it. I will be adding more pages as I go, more destinations, and will start blogging once per month. To join the monthly blog, please go to and sign up.

We thank all of you that have booked travel with us to date; and we are excited to continue building/designing/finding the dream vacations that you all deserve and imagine.

Until next time, happy December, stay warm, have fun and remember the holidays are about love, family and enjoying the simple pleasures in life. Remember to smile!

All the best,

Ned and Alison

The 2 slightly crazy, yet travel obsessed ladies at The Travel Desk