Hucatulco, Mexico

Alison recently spent a week in Huatulco (pronounced wah-TOOL-co) Mexico with SunWing Vacations, staying at the Dreams Resort and Spa. Because I am more of a wordsmith then she, I've decided to try and tell her story as best I can, so any inaccuracies were completely made up by me!

The flights are a Tuesday departure and aprox 5.5 hours. It did a touch down in Winnipeg; where a bunch of whacky Manitobians filled up the aircraft; let's be honest, who doesn't want to get away from MB in the winter? Nice thing was the transfers from the airport to the hotel were only 15 minutes; so within 90 minutes of landing you were dipping your toes in the ocean.

The Dreams Resort in one word according to Alison? Awesome! She couldn't stop raving to me about the staff, their helpfulness, friendliness and impressive talents. Particularly the bartender named Isreal who created multiple shooters all a different colour, coming out of the same mixing glass. She said she wouldn't believe it if she didn't see it with her own eyes. (I'm is still struggling with it truthfully.). But great staff (again), good food, beautiful beach, comfortable hotel rooms and a great location overall. 6 (!) pools, heaps of palapas & beach chairs, not to mention the free sailing lessons on catamarans, snorkeling and other activities included.

Alison mentioned that it was WAY hotter than she had expected, over 30+ Celsius every day, and humid of course, but wonderful weather. Golden, soft sand beaches and the water was quite clear for being on the Pacific side of Mexico. At times the surf can be strong, but there was no undertow, and lots of fun for body surfing and playing in the waves.

Best part of her vacation? Was me (Ned) discovering that I lost the keys to the office the morning she left. After tearing apart my house and car I realized they must have been lost walking home on Friday; 5 hours and $100 later I was in the office to retrieve the voice mails. Don't worry I said, Everything will be fine I said. I've got the office covered I said......... oops :-)

Alison and her husband did a couple of excursions; one being deep sea fishing (Huatulco is well known for it). Alison made it 20 minutes (and caught a fish in that time) before they took her back to shore swaying and as green as a drunk leprechaun. Her husband stayed out for several hours catching Bonito's and snagged 2 Marlin's but lost them at the last minute.

Another adventure was the Alison and Bruce's most excellent Scooter excursion where they cruised around the region, sun in their eyes, flies in their teeth giggling like school girls (accuracy of said event might be slightly creative). It cost them $40 each for 6 hours and $7 in gas for both and they spent the day exploring, feeling extremely comfortable and safe and got to see a bunch of different things.

Huatulco is actually an 'area' as opposed to a town, the closest is La Crucecita, great place to walk around, check out the local markets, shops have lunch and watch the world go by. They visited Santa Cruz the day after Ash Wednesday and stumbled upon a religious ceremony, the street was shut down, small open air market. Bought fresh coffee beans, fresh mangoes - "heaven in a bag" (and I quote). Also met a gentlemen in a small shop doing loom weaving, it's been in his family for 3 generations and they produced beautiful top quality products.

In a nutshell, Alison loved Huatulco not only for it's incredible weather, great beaches, friendly atmosphere, but mainly the locals. Some of the nicest most helpful individuals she has ever experienced in Mexico, and having a true colonial feeling to it, more traditional styled Mexico. Good snorkeling, deep sea fishing, people watching, beach bumming; all the perfect ingredients for a relaxing vacation.

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