Winter is Coming!

Please don’t shoot the messenger! We all know it is coming, but with the 25+C weather outside it’s hard to imagine (or want to). Now that half of you have your fingers hovering over the delete button; I ask you to slowly step back from the keyboard, and read on. But as I said, please don’t blame the messenger!

I truly feel blessed to live in this beautiful province with great people who have good souls and hearts. I’ve lived Ontario, I’ve lived in B.C. and I do feel that Alberta is home, winter or otherwise. Even on the coldest of days, with the endless blue sky, the sun is reflecting off the snow, and it is so cold it hurts to breath…… no, wait! I don’t want to think about that just yet. Suffice to say even in the dead of winter it still is a beautiful province and I do love it here!
Show of hands: how many of you are planning on going away this winter? And how many of you are traveling on a budget? I think it’s fair to say that everyone wants to know they are getting good value for their money, which is why I wanted to share this little tidbit with you.
Sunwing Vacations is offering 2 fabulous promotions for the upcoming winter season:

  1. If you book by August 31st you only pay $10 to guarantee your spot to the destination and property of your choice. ($240 deposit due by Sept 7th)
  2. If you book by August 31st they also have a Price Drop Guarantee for free. What this means is that if your trip goes down in price (up to $400 per person) you will get refunded the difference. Super cool!

Pay $10 now, and you get to go where you want, when you want, the hotel of your choice at the best price out there. What can possibly be better than that?
Most of the ‘sun product packages’ start up in early November from Edmonton, just in time for the snow. For your reading convenience, here is a list of the days of the weeks and destinations Sunwing is offering from Edmonton to help you decide on your next destination:
Freeport, Bahamas: Thursday’s
Liberia, Costa Rica: Sunday’s (starting Dec 25th)
Montego Bay, Jamaica: Monday’s
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic: Monday’s (starting Dec 19th)
Cancun: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday’s & Saturday’s
Huatulco: Tuesday’s (starting Nov 15th)
Puerto Vallarta: Sunday’s and Friday’s (starting Dec 23rd)
Los Cabos: Saturday’s (starting Dec 10th)
Mazatlan: Friday’s (starting Dec 23rd)
Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo: Thursday’s (starting Dec 15th)
Manzanillo: Wednesday’s (starting Dec 21st)
If you are thinking about getting away this winter season, we encourage you to take advantage of this promotion. Plus, several properties in different destinations are also offering early booking bonuses, again saving you more money. Avoid the last minute booking trap hoping to get the best deal to a place you want and know you can book now, take advantage of these promotions and still get excellent value.
Please call or email us for all the details, and plan your fun in the sun, beach get-away today!


Ned and Alison