Alison and Ned are in the news!

Alison and Ned were recently highlighted in the Spruce Grove Examiner for International Women's Day and we are tickled pink over it and wanted to share!

Well-travelled women have you covered at The Travel Desk

By Marcia Love

Ned Ambrus and Alison Broughton have the world to offer their clients—literally.

The women behind The Travel Desk in Stony Plain have used their own travel experiences to provide valuable knowledge and unforgettable trips around the globe. Between the two of them, they have visited nearly 60 countries and all seven continents. And they’re eager to help others experience the world as well.
“No bizarre itinerary is too weird for us,” said Ambrus.
Co-owners Ambrus and Broughton have been in the travel business for just over 20 years and about 15 years respectively.
In addition to their all-inclusive sun vacations, they also offer adventure packages and customized itineraries — from dream trips to Africa to touring Europe.
Many have walked through their door knowing they want to travel, but not knowing where.
“We can give you suggestions and help narrow down the destinations,” said Ambrus. “We learn about your wants and your interests.”
This is Ambrus and Broughton’s third year in business on their own, and their little office tucked away inside 5107-50 Street in Stony Plain opens up a world of opportunities to those eager to start checking destinations off their bucket list.
While some people may not see the need to use a travel agent and instead plan and book a trip on their own, Ambrus and Broughton’s service offers piece of mind, helping their clients travel in safety and dispelling the myths about certain destinations.
“Clients are more prepared now in their travel than they used to be, so we can take that and work with it,” Ambrus said. “We can help clarify the information out there that might not be 100 per cent accurate.”
“If we don’t know, we know a lot of people who do know,” Broughton added.
With independent owners Ambrus and Broughton fielding inquiries themselves — as well as five additional agents who work from home — it’s important to them to make their clients feel comfortable and confident, knowing they truly do care.
And the women have their clients covered for all the “what ifs” of travelling abroad.
Medical and personal emergencies happen, and The Travel Desk is well-versed in responding to these needs. “When stuff happens, that’s when we step in,” Broughton explained. “You can twist an ankle or get sick and can’t go at the last minute. We’ve got you covered with your purchased insurance and we'll take care of helping you sort it all out."

The Travel Desk staff also has the skills to create complex itineraries and provide recommendations to those who may not know exactly what they’re looking for — all while staying within a client’s budget.
Because of their commitment to each client’s individual needs, business continues to grow each year for the women.
“I’m fiercely proud of what we’ve done,” Ambrus said. “We go that extra mile for all of our clients, and that’s really important to us.”