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Tri Municipal Trade Expo This Weekend

Tri Municipal Trade Expo This Weekend

2017 Tri Municipal Trade Expo:

This upcoming weekend The Travel Desk is excited to announce that we will be at the Tri-Leisure Expo April 7th 8th and 9th. Come down and say hi, pick up the latest brochures, check out some special promotions and enter to win some awesome travel prizes and more! All ages are welcome and for more information and times check out this link:


Private Portugal Itinerary:

Alison and her partner in crime (her husband not me!) are planning an exclusive itinerary to the small country of Portugal. I (Ned) traveled here in 2011 and I absolutely adored it. Weather is beautiful and warm in the fall, the scenery is spectacular, people are friendly and history is plentiful. Portugal is the home of port (which I never thought I would like until I drank good quality at the proper temperature which is key!), good wine, the Duro Valley, beautiful coast lines, ancient cities, the home of Harry Potter, cobblestone streets, and the famous Belan Pastries (to die for). Portugal is a spectacular destination with very little travel time between spots, making it an easy and enjoyable vacation. Stay tuned for more details; it will be on our website shortly at

Travel Tips:

Register with the Canadian Government

Ever wonder how the government knows how many Canadians are affected by the recent flooding in Peru and Columbia? Or how some people quickly get evacuated from a hurricane impacted Caribbean Island while others had to wait longer? Chances are they registered with the Canadian Government before they left Canada. This is something I do when I’m traveling, particularly to more exotic, remote locations, however it is a great idea to do it on any vacation AND it’s available on line, so it’s an easy thing to add to your ‘to do before I go’ list. Even for an all-inclusive sun vacation it could come in handy in case of weather emergencies (for example). If a loved one is looking for you, whether its because you decided to run away forever and live on a beach or extend your trip, it’s a great thing to help people find you in the rare cases there is an emergency.

Documentation tidbit:

Most people know that to travel internationally, a valid Canadian Passport is required. BUT did you know that on average, the passport must be valid for 6 months from your RETURN date? There are a few countries that have an exception to that rule, however ensuring your passport is good for 6 months from your return date is important. Reason being is if you decide to extend your stay, your passport will retain its validity. I’ve had to get a new passport for a trip within that time frame, now that the 10 year passports are available, we encourage people to get those instead. For more information in general and specific country rules please go to: