Why would you go to Jordan?

Why on earth are you going to Jordan?

A question I heard frequently when I told people where my next vacation was. Initially it surprised me as I thought 'why not?'. But then I realized people think of the Middle East as a place of unstability and/or war, and for some countries that is true. However many are safe places to travel, on this trip I went to the United Arab Emirates (Dubai) and Jordan (no visa's needed for Canadian Passport holders.)

Jordan is a small country that has been stable for a very long time, and is wide open to tourism as it is a large source of revenue for them. Most people want to see Petra, a giant city literally built into the limestone walls with multiple colours and shapes, it's utterly brilliant and even more stunning in person than I anticipated.

Not to mention Jerash; one of the largest well preserved Roman cities I've personally seen (and I've been to Greece, Turkey and Italy), plus the old crusader castles in the middle of the desert, Bedouin Camps under starry skies, delicious fresh food, Turkish coffee (YAY), 4x4 jeep riding at sunset, floating in the Dead sea, snorkelling in the Red Sea, need I say more?

I spent 12 days in Jordan with Exodus Travel and I had a brilliant, yet very hot vacation as September is still summer and very mid to high 30's. Trip itinerary here  Exploring the Roman history; discovering the power of the dead sea mud (my skin felt like butter)  and the Bedouin nomadic history was so interesting. We were also able to spend 2 full days in Petra, Capital of the Nabataeans, and the time was well spent. Petra is massive and every corner boasts a different building, castle, monastery, living quarters, and so so much more.

Plus we saw some of the Dead Sea Scrolls - which was super super cool! And portions of Hercules (his hand and elbow are in Amman) statue as well. I was there on a cultural tour, and there are cycling tours hiking tours as well for those who are more adventurous. Trips start from just 7 days and are often combined with Egypt and/or Israel. 

Exodus Travels, the company I went with has a promotion on that if you book now for travel in 2018 they are offering up to $150CAD off per person, a nice savings for those of you interested in small group travel. I can't speak highly enough of it, safety, security, meeting new people, having logistics sorted out and seeing the hidden treasures that you might not find as a tourist. Call or email us today for more details! 

Ned & Alison

Beautiful colours of the rocks in Petra

Beautiful colours of the rocks in Petra